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Are you playing or practicing?

RESULTS are something we ALL want and yet so many people go about life in mediocrity never seeming to achieve those results desired. Practice is defined as performing a specific activity or exercise repeatedly in order to achieve a desired result. If you want to achieve a desired result and know that practice is required to get to that result, why then, do so many people NOT practice at all or least enough? IN this article I will discuss some common reasons why people fail to practice or why your practice sessions are not getting you to where you want to be.

Practice must be done in such a way so as to induce more practice. In other words, practice must be purposeful and deliberate. Practicing purposefully and deliberately provides a clear path capable of producing results. Results produce motivation which leads to more practice which leads to more results!

So many people hate practice because they are starting off with bad technique and no clearly defined purpose, which ends up leading to frustration due to lack of results. So, you should make sure that both your technique and HOW you implement your practice sessions are clearly understood and implemented. HOW you practice is just as important or perhaps even more important than WHAT you practice. How you practice either provides motivation for more practice or degradation of desire for practice. Every time you practice you should have a PURPOSE and you should have a PLAN. EVERY time you practice you should practice deliberately so that you stay on task and don't waste your time. Not practicing in the aforementioned ways is simply playing and no adult that I know has time for THAT! So, stop wasting your time, and prepare, plan and implement perfect practice so that you can achieve the results you desire.

As always everyone, stay safe and GOD bless!

- Joseph Green

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