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Concealed Carry Permit Frequently Asked Questions

If I plead "no contest" to a misdemeanor DUI 20 years ago do I need to answer "yes" to the question that asks have you ever been convicted or pled, not guilty to a criminal/felony charge?

If one is following the exact wording of the question the answer would be yes, since a DUI is considered a criminal offense and not just a traffic offense.  But on the upside, as long as it is not a felony DUI you will receive the permit.

Is DPS the only agency that can fingerprint an applicant or can any agency do the fingerprinting and the applicant turn them in with the application?

DPS must fingerprint first-time applicants.  DPS will try to pull background checks on mail-in renewals without fingerprints, but if they are unsuccessful they will have to come to DPS for fingerprinting. 

If I am a military veteran or law enforcement officer do I need to take the enhanced carry permit course? 

Once you sign the affidavit saying they have been trained, all DPS needs is a DD-214.  The DD-214 is to prove you served in the military.  The Military/Law Enforcement affidavit is a sworn statement in which you state that you have been properly trained and have taken the time to familiarize yourself with MS law. 


LE has never really had to take the class, DPS has always accepted anything their range masters provided that stated they are current on qualifications.  What has changed is the licensing fee is waived, so all they have to pay is the background check (fingerprints).  The law is very specific as to the proof required, so DPS doesn't just accept credentials.  Currently, Active Law Enforcement as defined in Section 45-6-3 must submit a letter, with the official letterhead of the agency or department for which the officer is employed at the time of application stating the officer is employed as a sworn officer and a letter with the official letterhead of the agency or department, which explains that such officer has completed a certified law enforcement training academy.   DPS will accept a single letter as long as it makes both statements.

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