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About Us

Welcome to Close Quarter Combat Tactical Training and Self-Defense (CQC), the self-defense and firearms training program that will strengthen your body, your mind, and your personal protection skills. At Close Quarter Combat, LLC, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality self-defense and firearms instruction and education available, as well as upholding our commitments to empowering people to be safe, fit, and confident.


Close Quarter Combat, LLC develops our student’s personal protection skills through the use of carefully planned educational means (such as awareness and threat assessment training), as well as through the development of physical skills. We emphasize instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. Our program takes an all-inclusive, dynamic, and multi-faceted approach to self-defense. We do our best to get our students ready to face ANY type of threat under ANY type of circumstance and we work continuously to ensure that everyone is well-rounded in their skills. Training with us will build your self-confidence, develop a winning mental attitude within you, and strengthen your body. Come train with us and see what a difference our training will make in your life. 


When I began training, over twenty years ago, we trained very realistically and intensely. If a training technique or concept could not be PROVEN to work under realistic circumstances the material was not used or was discarded. Back in the early days only a few people "made the cut" and stuck with "CQC," long enough to be considered part of the group. We had a close-knit group forged through long and difficult training sessions that almost always left us bruised, bleeding, and exhausted. Our sessions were adrenaline-filled and as hardcore as we could make them. All of us went on to participate in the military Special Forces or the law enforcement equivalent (I guess it was the adrenaline rush). Those hours of blood, sweat, tears, broken bones, scrapes, cuts, and bruises honed our skills, formed a brotherhood, and provided us with the confidence of knowing that we could defend ourselves when the time presented itself.


I want to keep that fighting spirit alive and pass it on to you. Personal protection is a way of life for me. It is a passion that I live out and share with my family. WE do this as a family because WE have a desire to help others protect themselves from the terrible things that take place in our society. We have a saying, "A family that trains together, stays together." It is our goal to fight against domestic violence and the horrible atrocity of sexual assault. We aim to help others overcome victimization, one training session at a time. Together, we hope to help restore those unfortunate enough to go through the trauma of violence.


Close Quarter Combat, LLC  offers something for everyone.  Whether your goal is increasing your fighting skills, building a stronger body, or developing a better sense of self-confidence, our classes can help.  We offer programs in fighting, fitness, self-defense, law enforcement training, specialized female defense, and more.  What we teach is easy to learn and to the point, but highly effective. Our self-defense offers no fluff, and no sophisticated forms to learn. You will only learn what WORKS. 


I hope that you have obtained an understanding of who we are and what we do. I look forward to training with you soon. Keep training, stay vigilant, and stay safe.


Best regards,


Joseph Green


Joseph Green 

Head Instructor - MS


Joseph has been a law enforcement officer since 2002 and has been involved with CQC since 2000. His training with CQC and his experiences as a law enforcement officer have provided him with a true to life perspective of what it takes to overcome the horrors of a sudden violent attack. He is dedicated to teaching others how to avoid victimization. 

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