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Mississippi Enhanced Carry Permit - What you need to know

Mississippi allows carrying a concealed firearm either with or without a state-issued permit. Unfortunately, there is some confusion when the topic of concealed carry licensure is discussed. In this post, I will break down the law of concealed carry licensure in Mississippi so that you will have an understanding of how things work.

According to the law of 45-9-101, the Department of Public Safety (also known as the Highway Patrol), is authorized to issue licenses to carry stun guns, concealed pistols or revolvers to persons qualified as provided in 45-9-101. If you fill out the application correctly and turn it in then you will receive the concealed carry permit as long as you are not disqualified (read the law of 45-9-101 (2) to learn more). Obtaining a license to carry a concealed stun gun, pistol, or revolver is great for those who travel because you will be obtaining reciprocity with other states that accept our gun permit. However, there are many limitations to where you can carry, with a standard concealed carry permit, within the State of Mississippi. Therefore, many people choose to obtain was is now called the "enhanced" permit. By obtaining the "enhanced" permit you get the benefits of reciprocity for travel and you also get extended carrying privileges when you carry concealed IN Mississippi.

Students in the MS Enhanced Carry Permit Course taught to Joseph Green
Students participating in the MS Enhanced Carry Permit Course taught by Joseph Green.

So, how does one go about obtaining the "enhanced" permit? One option is to first obtain the "standard" gun permit and then take the "enhanced carry permit course." The second option, and one I recommend if you don't already have the gun permit, is to take the "enhanced carry permit course" to become instructor certified and THEN submit your application for the gun permit. When you receive your permit in the mail it will be the "enhanced" permit that says "instructor certified" on the front. By the way, the current gun permit looks very similar to the current driver's license. The words instructor certified, typed in red, are how you know someone has the "enhanced" permit.

How does the enhanced permit differ from the standard permit? Those who undergo eight hours of certified training can receive an endorsement on their concealed carry permit that allows them to carry in most places otherwise restricted. The enhanced permit allows you to carry a concealed pistol, stun gun, or revolver into places that are off-limits according to Mississippi law of 45-9-101 (13).

Places that are off-limits to standard concealed carry permit holders are police, sheriffs, or highway patrol stations. A school — elementary, secondary, community college, or university — except for an authorized firearm-related activity. A detention facility, prison, or jail. A courthouse or courtroom. A polling place for elections. A meeting place of a governing body, including the Legislature and legislative committee meetings. A school, college or professional athletic event not related to firearms. Bars, or the bar areas of restaurants or any area of an establishment primarily devoted to dispensing alcoholic beverages. An airport terminal, except properly baggage guns to be checked for lawful transporting on an aircraft.

A church or place of worship — except as provided in a new law for a church’s authorized armed security team. Any place where carrying a firearm is prohibited by federal law (such as a federal courthouse or post office). A private business or property that properly posts a notice that firearms are banned. Any area that has been declared a “place of nuisance” because of illegal activity. If you have the "enhanced" permit then you can carry to the above locations except for an area declared a place of nuisance, a police, sheriff or Highway Patrol station, a detention facility, prison, or jail, any place where carrying a firearm is prohibited by federal law (such as a federal courthouse or post office), a private business or property that properly posts a notice that firearms are banned. An enhanced permit holder could face trespassing charges, but not a violation of concealed carry law. A courtroom while court is in session.

In conclusion, an individual can carry a concealed stun gun, pistol, or revolver in the State of Mississippi either with a permit or without. However, obtaining the concealed carry permit provides reciprocity with other states. The "enhanced" permit goes one step further by providing extended carrying privileges and reciprocity. The "enhanced" carry permit is obtained by voluntarily completing the "enhanced carry permit course," and then submitting the gun permit application to the Department of Public Safety headquarters or substation nearest you that accepts gun permit applications. If you are interested in taking the "enhanced carry permit course" then give me a call or message at (601) 325-5610. I would love to be a part of your firearms training and education. Take care and God bless.

Best regards,

Joseph Green


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