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Explore the resource vault area, by scrolling below, to find valuable materials you can use to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your dry weapons training, and self defense training from the comfort of your own HOME.   


People frequently tell me that it is very difficult to get to the range due to their busy schedules and they ask me if there is anything they can do away from the range to help them shoot better. 

The importance of dry fire and other non-range training is understood, but it simply isn't interesting enough to WANT to do day in and day out. Fortunately, I have the solution to this problem BELOW

YOU MUST understand that how and what you train OFF the range is just as important as how you train ON the range. The good news is that your training really comes down to just a few essentials, which can be done in a very fun and engaging way (away from the range). 

The items below are things that I personally use right now (after 20+ years of experiments and trying all kinds of stuff) and what I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their shooting and self-defense. 


BONUS: Some of the tools are downright fun!

Don’t feel like you need to get each item right away, but I’m sure you’ll be adding more as you see the positive results!

Check out the extremely VALUABLE training tools and other personal protection items that can help you ensure your safety. Be sure to check out all categories (firearm training, vision training, legal protection, etc) below.

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