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Welcome to CQC Law Enforcement Training Division


CQC Tactical Training for law enforcement is my way to give back to you, my brothers in blue. As an officer of 13 years as of this writing I see a NEED for training. As officers we are in need of continued training in essential defensive tactics and tactical awareness skills that are critical in today's increasingly law enforcement hostile environment. There is a need for more than what we got from our academy training days. It is critical that we train continually to impove our tactical awareness, personal protection, and restraint skills. This is where CQC Law Enforcement Training comes in. 


CQC's Law Enforcement System integrates science and experience, instinct based self-defense and fighting techniques with designated tactics and drills. CQC offers a strong curriculum that teaches controlled aggression, fighting spirit, situational awareness, as well as avoidance, prevention tactics and verbal de-escalation of conflict, whenever the need and the possibility arise.


The system is constructed from three integrated parts (which in an actual confrontation may become one) :



  • Self-Defense Techniques – the foundation of our system. It contains techniques that enable the practitioner to effectively defend himself against both armed and unarmed attackers. The techniques are eventually practiced in adverse conditions and situations, such as in the dark, on the ground, outdoors and in situations which limit the  practitioner’s movement.

  • Hand to Hand Combat – comprises an advanced level of our system. Here the operator learns how to defeat an opponent quickly and effectively. This involves different elements of a fight: tactics, techniques, combinations, psychology and mentality of a fighter.  (Use of Knives, Sticks & Guns for attacks are also included).

  • 3rd Party Protection – Defending a 3rd party against all kinds of attacks and threats; dealing with one or more attackers; moving, evacuating and taking care of the other; functioning under different conditions in different environments and locations


Modern police forces need the proper methods and tools to guide officers and agents in the development of essential technical, tactical, mental and physical capabilities. Study and training in self-defense, 3rd party protection, defensive tactics, hand-to-hand and close quarters combat (with or without a weapon in hand) is a key part of that education.


The CQC Law Enforcement Training approach takes all types of training to a higher level, with proven results. CQC Law Enforcement avoids instructional methods which train officers to be boxers and kickers who get good results in the ring, or mere operators of equipment – technicians who only know how to use batons, firearms or other “tools” that make holes in paper targets.


CQC Law Enforcement Division has specifically tailored courses for Law Enforcement agencies which includes relevant techniques and tactics for apprehending and controlling suspects, shooting range training for combination of non-lethal and lethal-force, as well as scenarios and CQB training sessions. With indoor and outdoor training, simulations and scenario-based training, participants are elevated to the highest possible level – mentally, physically, technically and tactically.

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