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Two Day Hybrid Course


Location: Vegas Pro Gun Club


The 2-Day Hybrid Pistol Course gives the shooter the opportunity to do 2 classes in one by overlapping my advanced handgun and covert carry classes. Get the best of both worlds!


Day-1: Advanced handgun with emphasis on efficiency of action in draw, reloads. Precision distance shooting freestyle, strong hand and support hand only and shooting on the move. The day will begin with the MEC (Marksmanship Evaluation Course). The course emphasis will be on the fundamentals of shooting with a USPSA sport flavor to the speed drills. In between each speed drill will be a bullseye string. At the close of day 1 each student will have fired 08 bullseye strings from 10-25 (2 each at 10/15/20/25 yards) with both and either hand independently in between multiple and varying speed oriented courses of fire. The day will culminate with a reshooting of the MEC.


Day-2:  Covert Carry with an emphasis on surgical speed from concealment from 5-25 yards. The course is designed to safely make you an extremely competent legal concealed handgun carrier (civilian, military or law enforcement) and give a foundation of drills and concepts for you to maintain your skills at your own range. The concepts presented day 1 will be used during this training as well.


Equipment Required:

Serviceable handgun/handguns in 9x19 or larger

            ***if you are running a standard size gun for day 1 then that is fine for day 2 (i.e. G17/M&P, CZ75) but long slide guns will not be suitable for Day-2. If you run a G34 day one you will need either a G17 slide to change the top end, a G17 or a G19 for day two. No competition trigger jobs only duty carry are suitable for day 2 on striker fired guns. For reference a 3.5# connector and internal polishing on a Glock or comparable on other striker fired guns is all that will be allowed. Competition trigger jobs on striker fired concealed carry guns are not suitable for this class***


Sport type holster and concealment holster

Minimum of 4 magazines

Minimum of 3 magazine pouches (4-5 recommended) ***covert carry pouch must be designed for concealment***

Dark and clear eye pro (for different lighting conditions)

Hearing protection (electric is highly recommended)

Hat (optional but recommended)

1500 rounds of handgun ammunition

Pistol mounted flashlight or hand-held flashlight (if night-fire is available. If not just a handheld for flashlight management drills)

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