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The Orgin of CQC


CQC tactical training and self-defense was started by Mr. Mike Rowell in the mid 1990's. Mike was truly ahead of his time and only a few of us stuck around and endured hours of of what "normal" people often called insanity (for pics from this click HERE). We did so because we realized the value of what we were learning and we appreciated being exposed to the wealth of training that only Mike could offer. Those of us who trained with Mike were learning things back in the late 1990's and early 2000's that practitioners of systems like Krav Maga are learning today. The principles that Mike taught me have served me well in my law enforcement career and are taught by many of the best self-defense and police/military defensive tactics instructors in the world today.


Systems like CQC and Krav Maga are actually a mixture of many different fighting arts such as boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and escrima just to name a few. Mike taught passionately and with a level of motivation that continues to influence me today. I have yet to find any other training (including law enforcement training) that has prepared me for combat and the street more than CQC and Mike Rowell. As time went on I took what Mike taught me and combined it with my experiences and training as a law enforcement officer. It was during the high stress and often times life-or-death decision making environment of law enforcement that I realized how valuable realistic training is. Hesitation will get you or others seriously hurt or killed and improper training introduces hesitation or incorrect responses to sudden violent encounters. I was able to react appropriately with correct levels of force because of the level of training I had received; it was as if I had already "been there and done that." Although I still had a stress response to those "hot" calls I was comfortable with and accustomed to how it felt because to me it felt like it was just another training day. 


So, having told you a little about Close Quarter Combat Self-Defense I would like to leave you with a few words from Mr. Mike Rowell himself:


"Close Quarter Combat Close Quarter Combat Tactical Training (CQCTT) cannot be defined as a style or a system. CQCTT is a way to learn, train, and develop a combative form of self-protection that best fits your physical and mental abilities. We accomplish this by using concepts and principles that are based on the sciences of motion and psychology. This in turn gives the practitioner an ever expanding range of physical and psychological options, which will allow a person to flow more freely within the dynamics of a fight. CQCTT gives you the tools that you need to analyze a given situation then react with purpose and clarity. 


CQCTT is a reality based self defense system that will push its practitioner to his or her physical and mental limitations, and then go beyond. NEVER SURRENDER is always in the forefront of all the training and all the training is designed and developed to instill that philosophy. CQCTT covers a wide range of attack and counter situations that include kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling. This attack/counter training also includes weapons usage including the stick, gun, and knife. Also, our training includes very realistic role playing which involves a variety of social and environmental conditions that simulate real life encounters. The use of full contact fighting replicates the harsh realities of the street. We study the effects of stress on the nervous system and how it impacts all aspects of action and reaction, cognitive skills, motor skills and decision making. During all this research and development, a certain truth stands out; no one style or system is the best. That is why CQCTT is continually integrating new ideas, concepts and principles in order to help its practioner deal with the many changing aspects of combat. CQCTT will give you the mental and physical weapons you need and give you the best chance of survival."


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish you all the best in your training. May it be realistic, challenging and rewarding. If you want self-defense training in Hattiesburg, MS area contact us. The first session is on us. 


Yours in training,


J. Green 

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