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Covert Carry

Covert Carry with an emphasis on surgical speed from concealment from 5-25 yards. The course is designed to safely make you an extremely competent legal concealed handgun carrier (civilian, military or law enforcement) and give a foundation of drills and concepts for you to maintain your skills at your own range. The concepts presented day 1 will be used during this training as well.

Equipment Required:

Serviceable handgun/handguns in 9x19 or larger

            ***if you are running a standard size gun for day 1 then that is fine for day 2 (i.e. G17/M&P, CZ75) but long slide guns will not be suitable for Day-2. If you run a G34 day one you will need either a G17 slide to change the top end, a G17 or a G19 for day two. No competition trigger jobs only duty carry are suitable for day 2 on striker fired guns. For reference a 3.5# connector and internal polishing on a Glock or comparable on other striker fired guns is all that will be allowed. Competition trigger jobs on striker fired concealed carry guns are not suitable for this class***


Sport type holster and concealment holster

Minimum of 4 magazines

Minimum of 3 magazine pouches (4-5 recommended) ***covert carry pouch must be designed for concealment***

Dark and clear eye pro (for different lighting conditions)

Hearing protection (electric is highly recommended)

Hat (optional but recommended)

1500 rounds of handgun ammunition

Pistol mounted flashlight or hand-held flashlight (if night-fire is available. If not just a handheld for flashlight management drills)

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