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Active shooter incidents are becoming too common are you prepared?

The sad truth is that active shooter and other active killing incidents are here to stay. We cannot afford to pretend that evil does not exist and we must train and prepare so that we can prevail in the event that we find ourselves in such a situation. Close Quarter Combat, LLC, provides training to individuals and groups in order to help fight back and protect our community. Contact us for more information. 

Education, Planning, Protection

Training Opportunites

Personal Firearms Training Hattiesburg


Train your security team and even your congregation for responding to an active threat. 

Firearms Training Hattiesburg


Get personal one-on-one training and the attention you need to learn how to survive in an active killing situation. 


Learn the steps you can do to become a harder target and how to deal with an active killing situation. 

Active shooter/active killing situations have become more common, in public places and at work premises. This training helps you prepare to respond to an active shooter or other active killing situation. Our goal is to encourage education and training and provide people the tools they can use to be prepared for and respond to active shooter situations. Our hope is that This training helps save lives.


All businesses and organizations should have an emergency action plan (EAP) that includes guidelines for dealing with an Active Shooter. Preparing for an emergency begins with having a clearly defined set of steps whereby everyone involved knows exactly what they need to do and in what order. Effective training, reinforced by practice and drills, will make a difference and potentially save lives. Most importantly, students will be taught using "scenario-based training" so that they can learn to react and deviate from the plan in place when what they see and hear suggests that following the plan would be more dangerous.


If you would like to learn more about what we do, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

CQC Active Shooter Training

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