Focus String Vision Trainer

Focus String Vision Trainer

SKU: FS101

In order to shoot quickly and accurately you must have the ability to quickly focus. The Close Quarter Combat Focus String Vision Trainer teaches you to be able to quickly focus so that your ablity to shoot quickly and accurately is increased. Use this focus string vision trainer anywhere at any time and watch your ability to see and focus skyrocket. Learninig to focus faster and more clearly has many benefits and also keeps you from wasting ammo on the range because you continually don't hit what you want to hit. Better shooting does not just come from shooting more rounds. It comes from a well rounded training program that includes visual training such as you would do with this device. This device is scientifically proven to improve your ability to focus.


  • Faster focus = Faster Shooting!
  • Improved focus = Improved accuracy!
  • Item Description

    Focus faster, see better, and shoot better with the Close Quarter Combat Focus String Vision Trainer. Train anywhere with this portable and effective training tool. 

    • Instructions included
    • String and bead colors vary
    • Assembled in America!


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