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It is my deepest desire to provide the best training available to my students and to help my students achieve success in their training endeavors. Success, however, takes time and unfortunately, the structure of most training classes does not provide me with enough time with you to ensure the best success. So, I have decided to add an online learning program to supplement the in person enhanced carry permit course that you will be taking with me.  Please take time BEFORE coming to class to watch these videos. Watching the videos will help you obtain a better understanding of handguns in general. I will be adding more videos as I get time. Thanks for choosing me for your training. I will see you on the range!

Best Regards, 

Joseph Green

Course Lessons

Lesson One - Handgun Knowledge

In this lesson you will be learning about the types of handguns and the types of actions you will encounter with handguns. You will also learn how to unload and clear a handgun. 

Lesson One Supplement - How handguns work

In this video you will see how a semi-automatic handgun operates during the firing cycle. It is a very informative video that does a great job explaining how a semi-automatic handgun works. 

Lesson Two - Ammo Knowledge and Malfunctions

In this video you will learn about the types and calibers of handgun ammunition, how to choose the correct ammunition for your handgun, and how to identify ammo malfunctions as well as clear them. 


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