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Firearms Training and Self-Defense 

Firearms Training Class

Learn how to shoot correctly from the start, take your shooting to a higher level, or receive concealed carry training. We have a training program for you. 

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Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the violence around you through our effective self-defense training. 

Active Shooter
Response to Active Shooter Training

Active shooter incidents are a reality in the world that we live in. Learn what to do to protect yourself from an active shooter threat. 

Close Quarter Combat L.L.C. provides highly effective firearms and personal defense training and education to Mississippi. We are NOT an MMA school, karate dojo or other sports oriented training provider. Our training is centered around the use of realistic attack simulations, drills, and techniques designed to prepare our students with the physical and mental skills necessary to defeat the types of violence encountered in the world today. Attacks from multiple assailants, edged weapons, bludgeon objects, and firearms don't happen in a ring, on a Jiu-jitsu mat, or any other sport oriented martial art. Unfortunately, those types of attacks DO happen in real life. If you are looking for realistic solutions for self-protection then join us and see why we are the GO TO place for realistic self-defense and firearms training in Hattiesburg and South Mississippi. We are the training side

of Brothers N Arms Gun Range. Brothers N Arms Gun Range is the premiere gun range in South Mississippi. 




Don't let Covid-19 or a busy schedule keep you from getting your permit!

The Enhanced Carry Permit Blended Course is a great way for you to learn the basics of pistol shooting from a top firearms training instructor and receive the training needed for you to obtain the "enhanced" carry permit. 

The blended training format provides students the flexibility to complete a significant portion of the course in an eLearning environment, prior to arriving for the classroom and range session. This easy-to-understand online training program allows you to go at your own pace and learn from the comfort of your own home. Simply go through the online course material, successfully complete the online exam, schedule your range training time, and you’ll receive your certificate of completion. 


ATTENTION! In order to take part in a blended learning class, you must FIRST register for an available range day HERE BEFORE you can access the videos. 



Train more often, more effectively in a more practical environment, your home. The SIRT Training Pistol is designed for high-volume self-diagnostic training with no set up and safe sustainable training. Make better use of your live fire rounds when you’ve already got hundreds of reps in your house. Learn more by clicking on the link below and SAVE 10% with code CQC1 at checkout!

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At any given moment, situations of self-defense and emergencies can happen to anyone and unfortunately, the justice system may not be on your side. While you protect your family and property, U.S. & Texas LawShield is here to defend you 24/7/365 with the most comprehensive self-defense coverage at an affordable price. Don’t wait.

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Recommended Products

Check out our highly recommended products. All recommended products are what we consider to be the best in their respective areas of use. This page contains recommendations for some high-quality products that could help you be a more effective citizen defender. 


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